A Simple Guide to Buying Oak Furniture

Lifestyle / Thursday, March 8th, 2018
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Oak furniture is highly desirable in many households due to its stability and the traditional aesthetic it can add to any room. From a solid oak dining table to rustic rocking chairs, classic bookcases and so much more, there’s a wide variety of practical and pretty oak furniture out there. If you’re thinking about investing in some dark oak furniture for the living room or kitting out your new home office with a hardwood desk and chair, this brief guide will ease you through the buying process.

Choosing Your New Furniture

The main reason for buying any furniture is so it serves a functional purpose, so bear this in mind before you opt for a beautiful oak wine rack even though you’re teetotal. Create a list of the items you need to avoid getting side-tracked. It helps if you’re focusing on one room at a time, as different types of oak furniture will suit certain rooms better:

  • Living room: Sturdy coffee tables, comfortable rocking chairs and traditional bookcases all add a homely effect, especially for rooms with a wooden floor.
  • Dining room: A large, solid oak dining table will last for decades and is best accompanied by a quality set of hardwood dining chairs. Add a sideboard for more storage space too.
  • Bedroom: Oak beds will also last for years and provide a strong base (just remember to invest in a comfortable mattress too). Bedside cabinets and wardrobes will complete the look.
  • Kitchen: For a true farmhouse feel invest in oak benches to sit around the table, or wall-mounted units to store all your crockery.

Deciding on the Oak

Solid oak furniture is usually the best option for oak furniture, as it looks most natural and is some of the strongest available. It’s built to last and you can expect to hand down anything from a dining table to a shoe rack to your great-grandchildren.

Depending on your taste (and budget) you may prefer oak veneer furniture. These use thin bits of oak which are glued over the top of cheaper woods, which still looks good and is better for your wallet, but it may not last as long.

Taking Care of It

In order for your oak furniture to last you need to take good care of it after purchase. Apply a little beeswax to it every few months to ensure the grain always looks its best and look after the timber. If there are any spills, wipe them down immediately with a damp cloth and then dry with a lint-free one to avoid further damage. Avoid positioning too close to a radiator or in direct sunlight too, as this can weaken it.

Getting a Good Price

Oak isn’t the cheapest of woods, but it is well worth the money as its furniture will last for years. Still, for those working on a budget there are ways to get a good price on some second-hand oak furniture. As mentioned, veneer is always cheaper but otherwise heading to the local antiques shop and car boot sales for smaller furnishings can bring out some gems.

Now you should be ready to head out and find the best oak furniture for your home after following these steps.


Photo by Patrick Perkins

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