Do We Have a Responsibility Towards Sustainable Living?

Lifestyle / Saturday, July 1st, 2017
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It is easy to pick up the cheapest item on the shelf but have you stopped to think where and how it got there. Fashion is a huge industry and many pieces produced have been made in less than fair conditions for the workers involved.

Since the textile industry disaster in the Rana Plaza Bangladesh garment factory, our responsibility as consumers has been brought into debate as well as the accountability of well-known retailers.

Sustainable or eco-friendly fashion has evolved in the industry with the goal of producing socially responsible and environmentally friendly products at a fair price for consumer and manufacturer. Producing sustainable fashion isn’t just about giving a donation to charity for the end result, it looks at the whole life span of the product and how it gets to the consumer.

The life span includes everything from the natural materials used, how it is produced using ethical, fair practices and how it reaches us, what is its carbon footprint. Many designers are beginning to introduce socially conscious collections and affordable clothing in accordance to the sustainable life span.

Buying behaviour towards ethical and sustainable fashion has changed in recent years as we become aware of the practices and processes of mass-produced fashion and textiles. The media has highlighted several issues facing the fashion industry including fair pay, sustainable materials, quality procedures and the carbon footprint of transportation.

Each of these matters provide us with food for thought when buying fashionable items and new brands are leading a frontier in ethical, sustainable and stylish clothing which showcase the innovative design and intuitive production of natural materials. Other sustainable fashion includes popular vintage pieces, recycled fabrics and surplus textiles that make great upcycled outfits if you have creative flair.

Sustainable living is becoming a familiar concept in modern day life and the fashion and lifestyle industry is offering more choice in a ethical and green alternatives.


Photo by Gary Chan on Unsplash

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