Do You Shop Locally?

Lifestyle / Friday, September 15th, 2017
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Many of us at no fault of our own rarely ever shop in local independents shops.  I am guilty of it, choosing convenience over a mooch around my local shops.  It’s not to say I don’t love exploring the trinkets and local produce available at these stores but I just don’t ever really have the time or budget to spend on specialised products.

A few weekends ago after a long walk on the beach, we stopped at our local village supermarket.  This little supermarket is a hive for local produce and the bakery, wow not enough can be said for the amazing treats, breads, pastries that are made there.  This little supermarket is called John’s, it is a great place to taste the delights of Devon whilst supporting an independent and local shop.

I love to pop in and see what great local products I can try out and after my previous visit, we tried a refreshing sparkling juice drink and some delicious onion marmalade.  Many processed foods and drinks have lots of nasties in them and added sugars etc, when you buy locally made organic produce most of the time you don’t have to worry about any of that.

My first buy was a refreshing and zingy sparkling raspberry drink made by Luscombe Drinks, it tasted delicious and is made from organic ingredients and spring water.  Another great food we tasted was Waterhouse Fayre Red Onion Marmalade,  an amazing tasting product which was perfectly teamed with our ploughman’s style lunch.

This little supermarket had a great selection in local produce and their fresh meats etc come from regional farms and county producers.  The price in comparison to big chain supermarkets actually wasn’t greatly different and they have deals to rival the big chains too.  So have I convinced you yet?  Shopping in your local village or towns including the butchers, green grocer, bakeries etc has so many benefits, not only to the local community and economy but also to your health.  I know it’s sometimes not convenient to pop into town and the opening hours generally don’t fit into our busy schedules but why not give it a try one weekend and try some new and tasty produce made local to you.

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Top photo by Tom Sodoge on Unsplash

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