Uses and Benefits of CBD Isolate Powder

Health / Monday, March 12th, 2018
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CBD isolate powder is a crystalline form of CBD which is highly purified. In marijuana, it is a nonpsychoactive compound. For various kinds of conditions, it is quite promising such as; epilepsy, serious pains, depression, multiple sclerosis. The demand for CBD has increased as knowledge for it grows in us.

Now, a good number of products boast of the use of CBD in large amounts. Much of these products is the popular CBD isolate powder known to be the purest available form of CBD.

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD isolate is a crystalline white powder that contains up to 99 percent or more CBD. TCH and other forms of cannabinoids, oils, terpenes (plant material), chlorophyll and all other things have been removed leaving a pure and naturally sourced CBD crystals. Just like water, they are flavourless and tasteless.

CBD is non-psychoactive hence it is highly good for you. This is what you are looking for if you want to do away with THC and effects that come with it. The purest option you can get is just CBD isolate powder. Although developments are still ongoing regarding the legality of CBD, the federal law of the US, CBD that is sourced from marijuana plant is a schedule I drug.

However, CBD sourced from hemp seems to have escaped from this restriction. A number of states in the US have legalized CBD with their medical marijuana, recreational and CBD only laws at state levels. Even though the legal status of CBD is still unclear, there is a wide availability of CBD products on the Internet including isolate powder, they are so available in health food stores.

The making of CBD isolate

CBD isolate powder is done with the extraction process just like many cannabis products. According to Elese McKenney and CBDistillery, ethanol and CO2 extractions are the frequently used method for isolate powder production.

Ethanol is used as a solvent in the first method. It puts apart the plant’s components. As for method 2, CO2 is pushed through the plant materials in several filtration chambers. Thereafter, chromatography is carried out by chemists. This is the process where plant materials are further removed. Eventually, decarboxylation for activation of the isolate.

Mckenney says that this has to do with heating of the Cannabis to make a form for them to have instant interaction with the endocannabinoid system, allowing the usability of the chemical across the body. He further said the extracted oil convert to CBDA and then CBD when decarboxylation of the extracted oil has occurred, therefore the acid form is removed for it to be easily bioavailable.

How CBD isolate is used

The biggest draw of CBD isolate powder could likely be its versatility. CBD isolate use, its control and dosing management are very easy.

About the CBDistillery 99+ CBD pure isolate powder, Mckenney says it can be made into vape juice or butter and it can be dabbed. It is sold 14 gram for $378 and $15 for half a gram. It is activated to serve as a sprinkle on food and smoothies. CBD can be ingested directly through the mouth and can be added to food. It can be used for oil infusion for cooking and can be infused with other liquid as well. There are a variety of ways to use CBD isolate. Vap it, dap it, dissolve it in sweeteners (e.g honey), or you can also add it to cannabis contained products for more CBD.

Creation of your own product is another way to use It. Ideal for edibles like supplements, recipes, tincture, and so on. If you like cannabis for its taste and aroma, you can customize the powder by mixing it with a terpene isolate.

David Bearman, MD, a physician and medical cannabis expert added the need to go for lab tested and accurately labelled cannabis.


As the therapeutic potentials of CBD are being increasingly studied, CBD products are increasingly growing popular. For those looking procure pure CBD, CBD isolate powder is very versatile and easy to get. It is derived from cannabis plants through extraction. CBD isolate powder has various ways it can be consumed such as vaporizing, dabbing or sprinkling on food.

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